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0.48sWho are you, old man?
2.42sName's Old Man Waterfall,
2.54sbut most folks just call me Old Man.
0.46sI'll never remember that.
2.92sI'm a veteran of three dozen wars.
4.02sName a body part and a planet, and I've taken a bullet in it, on it,
2.77sall to keep our flag flyin' free.
3sAnd you wanna defend Zoidberg?
2sAre you familiar with the old robot saying,
1.93s"Does not compute"?
3.87sSon, to me a robot's just a garbage can with sparks comin' out it.
1.75sThe sparks keep me warm.
2.3sI don't condone what Dr. Zoidberg did,
3.39sbut I'll fight tooth and nail for his freedom to do it.
2.3sOr I would, if I hadn't lost my teeth and nails...
2.2son Mars and Saturn, respectively.
3.22sWait. You're a lawyer? You're hired!
2.04sYou okay there in the embassy, Zoidberg?
2.57sNo! There's no cocoa marshmallows!