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2.77sHey, it's the guy who desecrated our flag!
2.07sStop that Red Menace!
2.69sI'm all scuttled out. Wha--
2.14sMy planet's embassy?
2.69sThey're paid to not kill me. Alley-oop!
3.45sHey, come out of there!
2.27sI thought I understood this world.
1.92sI thought I was fitting in.
3.89sBut I guess I don't belong here any more than I do on our crappy home planet.
1.73sOoh. Sorry.
0.47sWhat sorry?
1.93sOur planet stinks. We all know it.
2.57sEnough with the persecution, I'm saying.
1.8sZoidberg, as ambassador,
2.9sI promise you the full support of our government already.
3.57sPoor boy. You want maybe a nice mug cocoa?