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2.5sPlease, sir. Put some shoes on.
1.42sWhat? You don't like my bags?
2.23sPeople, these are all good ideas--
2.72sNo, they're not. They're terrible, terrible ideas.
3.39sYou're right. It's hopeless. No one has that kind of money.
2.95sWhat about Mr. Burns? Maybe he'll help us out.
3.27sForget it. He releases the hounds on every charity that comes to his door.
3.44sFeed the Children. Save the Whales. Even Release the Hounds.
4.77sUh, well, maybe we can pry open his wallet with a slick, professional pitch.
2.2sA school play!
4.79sWelcome to the world premiere of The Nice Man Giveth.
2.32sFocus! It's a play, sir.
3.47sHmm. Which one of these is the salt?
3.54sToo bad I'm an idiot 'cause my school closed. Oh, well.
1.65sNo! That's the rat poison!
2.62sAnd freeze.