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1.93sthan live another minute with you!
2.23sNo! No, no, no! Stop!
1.4sMy life has been a lie!
2.03sGod is dead! The government's lame!
1.93sThanksgiving is about killing Indians!
1.73sJesus wasn't born on Christmas!
1.52sThey moved the date! It was a pagan holiday!
0.07sOh, Dad!
1.87sYes, Morty?
1.93sMy son is gonna take over the planet,
1.52sand I am too young to drive!
1.16sCan you help me get him back?!
2.76sI suppose, Marty, I suppose.
7.06sBut first, a deep sip from a very tall glass of "I told you so."
2.37sOh, my god! Please, Dad! Come on!