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1.59sLove -- that's all you care about!
1.4sWhat about weapons?!
1.8sWhat about domination of the enemy?!
1.9sAll right, that's it -- no more History Channel!
2.3sThis TV is for cartoons and video games only!
2.97sI hate video games! You take that back!
1.63sGive it to me!
1.93sl-l-l didn't mean -- I didn't mean that.
1.56sI didn't mean to do that. I'm sorry.
2.47sI can't take this anymore! I'd rather breathe poison...
1.93sthan live another minute with you!
2.23sNo! No, no, no! Stop!
1.4sMy life has been a lie!
2.03sGod is dead! The government's lame!
1.93sThanksgiving is about killing Indians!
1.73sJesus wasn't born on Christmas!
1.52sThey moved the date! It was a pagan holiday!
0.07sOh, Dad!
1.87sYes, Morty?
1.93sMy son is gonna take over the planet,