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3.56sbut on Earth, a certain percentage of our males are born gay,
3.44swhich is why my clothes are better than all of yours.
1.49sA man made something fashionable?
2.94sIt's true, and sometimes the truth hurts,
1.63sbut it must be accepted.
5.6sLike if I told you that you're using the wrong color foundation for your skin and it ends at your neck,
1.66smaking you look like a party clown.
2.23sOkay, ouch. Noted. But the fact remains...
2.8sif you impose Gazorpazorp's laws on Earth,
3.86syou're no better than the men whose farts shall remain unspoken.
1.93sAnd if you think my top is cute,
1.93syou cannot execute.
4.3sVery well. Give the Earth people a spacecraft so they may head back to theirweird planet,
3.06swhere women are kind of equal but not really.