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1.76sJust give me a gun. I'll kill myself.
1.63sStop interrupting!
1.83sThe knives will --
2.26sFine! You were right the first time, okay?
1.59sThe boulder crushes you.
1.93sI just didn't want to admit you were right. Happy?
1.93sNo, just ignore them. Ignore them.
1.59sSuch an asshole.
1.76sRICK: Look, I'm sorry, Summer.
1.7sI feel bad that I let you drag us into this.
1.83sIwish I could have been a better Grandpa to you,
1.59sand, you know, for what it's worth,
1.93sthat is a really nice, cute top that you're wearing there.
1.76sTop, My top!
2.94sMy top -- the same top you complimented earlier!
3.27sLook -- look at the tag. Read it.
2.73sIt says, "Marc Jacobs."
3.06sMarc? Jacob? These are names ofthe penis.
3.03sYes. An Earth man made this top.
1.73sMaybe on your planet,
2.53sseparation ofthe genders is the right thing to do,