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1.37sSo, let's just stay inside,
1.93sand, you know, let's try dancing, right?
1.93sLook at me. Yay! Look. We're gonna dance.
1.8sCome on. Join -- dance with me here.
1.73sWe love to dance. Why do we love to dance?
0.05s'Cause I said so!
2.8sBOTH: Nice.
1.9sSo, what are you in for?
2.03sBecause I got -- I got a big,
1.83syou know, penis between my legs.
1.73sWhat -- what -- what are you in tar?
2.3sThe worst crime a female can commit.
1.59sWOMAN: Veronica Ann Bennett,
3.13sI find you guilty of having bad bangs.
3.56sYou ever notice the ones with bad bangs always have three names?
3.3sYou are hereby sentenced to the silent treatment!
2.16sPfft! This is gonna be cake.
1.09sNo! Jackie!
1.56sRick and Summer of Earth,
8.13sfor the crimes of treason against womankind and for creating the sound of which we do not speak because it does not exist, you are hereby sentenced to --
1.99sWhat, what, what -- a night on the couch?
1.7sOoh, gerp.