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2.59sI've got to tell you something very important, okay?
1.97sKilling is bad -- bad!
1.93sYou're silly, Daddy.
2.2sNo, Marty Jr, I'm being serious, okay?
1.76sYou need to put your energy into something else.
1.66sI mean, what about dancing?
1.43sWould you like to learn how to dance?
2.76sI'd like to dance -- on the graves of my enemies.
2.47sOhh! No, Morty Jr.!
1.66sDaddy, can I go outside?
1.43sNo! Absolutely not!
2.06sBut that's where all the people and the animals are.
2.2sYeah, but you can't go out there because the --
1.93sthe air is poisonous for you!
3.27sYou will die -- you'll die instantly if you ever leave this house!
1.23sYou hear me? For real?
1.73sFor real times a million, buddy.
1.37sSo, let's just stay inside,
1.93sand, you know, let's try dancing, right?
1.93sLook at me. Yay! Look. We're gonna dance.
1.8sCome on. Join -- dance with me here.
1.73sWe love to dance. Why do we love to dance?
0.05s'Cause I said so!
2.8sBOTH: Nice.
1.9sSo, what are you in for?
2.03sBecause I got -- I got a big,