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2.97sWhoo, boy! Who let the frogs out, huh?
2.13s- Grandpa? - That sounds patriarchal!
1.59sIt means "father of father."
2.26sThen this one is not your slave,
2.43sand your Earth is yet another planet dominated by men.
2.16sIt's not dominated by us, okay?
1.76sOn Earth, men and women are equals.
3.46sEquals?! We make 70% of your salary for the same job!
0.07sSeize them!
2.66sWas this really the time to make that point, Summer?
1.4sThis is for you, Daddy.
1.23sOh, man!
2.09sUm, okay. Listen to me, Marty Jr,
2.59sI've got to tell you something very important, okay?
1.97sKilling is bad -- bad!
1.93sYou're silly, Daddy.
2.2sNo, Marty Jr, I'm being serious, okay?
1.76sYou need to put your energy into something else.
1.66sI mean, what about dancing?
1.43sWould you like to learn how to dance?
2.76sI'd like to dance -- on the graves of my enemies.
2.47sOhh! No, Morty Jr.!
1.66sDaddy, can I go outside?