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3.2sWe will give you passage back home so it can be terminated.
1.56sBut first, mojitos.
1.76sWe don't have time for mojitos.
2.33s- You are insulting them. - I don't care, Summer!
1.93sThis place is the worst! I want to go home!
1.93sWell, it really doesn't matterwhat youwant,
2.13sbecause this is a sane place where women rule.
1.93sYeah. You know what I have to say about that?
2.09sWOMAN: I cannot believe my ears!
2.97sWhoo, boy! Who let the frogs out, huh?
2.13s- Grandpa? - That sounds patriarchal!
1.59sIt means "father of father."
2.26sThen this one is not your slave,
2.43sand your Earth is yet another planet dominated by men.
2.16sIt's not dominated by us, okay?
1.76sOn Earth, men and women are equals.
3.46sEquals?! We make 70% of your salary for the same job!