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7.4sThe females are placed into educational programs where they can discover a service to our paradise that fulfills them most.
3.56s...they get to play outside.
1.93sThat was just a baby.
1.93sAnd within a day, he'll be an adult male Gazorpian --
3.2sone of the most aggressively violent creatures in the universe.
4.37sWait a minute -- we're here because a male Gazorpian was born on our planet.
2.94sYou speak when you're spoken to, ding-a-ling!
2.47sIt's true, though -- one of your babies was born on Earth.
2.26sAre you the ruler of this Earth?
0.05sHow did you know?
1.94sThe quality of your top.
1.87s- Do you love it? - I love it.
1.33sI'm here if you need to talk.