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1.99sor is itjust me?
2.53sI am Mar-sha, ruler of Gazorpazorp.
1.8sI am here if you need to talk.
2.3s- What is this place? - Paradise.
2.66sWe built it during the great passive-aggression,
4.83swhen the females separated from the males due to their increasingly destructive behavior.
1.43sI am here if you need to talk.
1.9sI am here if you need to talk.
4sFrom here, we dispense mechanical surrogates to maintain our population.
3.37sFertilized surrogates are returned here to our nursery.
7.4sThe females are placed into educational programs where they can discover a service to our paradise that fulfills them most.
3.56s...they get to play outside.