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2.03sOh, there -- there we go, Summer.
1.66sHey -- hey, brother. Hey, bra,
1.76sNice racket you got going on here.
2.76sListen, l'm Rick Sanchez from Earth dimension C-137,
2.2sDon't mean you any harm. Coming in peace.
2.8sIt's all cool in the, uh -- "good in the neighborhood"
2.26sis what I was trying to come -- is what I meant.
1.7sOh, I get it --
2.47sthe old behind-every-great-man Amazon twist.
0.05sYour slave is ill-mannered.
2.75sMy slave?
1.9sWe assume you are from a more primitive world,
2.16swhere men are still permitted to be servants.
2.47sIf he is a rogue male, tell us now and we will kill him.
1.59sHe's my slave. He's my slave.
0.97sHe's definitely my slave.
1.4sUgh! Ohh! Oh-ho-ho!
1.7sOh, boy,
1.87sWhat's the opposite of "wubba-lubba-dub-dubs"?