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2.53sand I spent a lot on this top.
3.2sLook, I'm trying to repair a p-portal gun with a bunch of sex-doll parts,
3.43sand l have to do it one-handed to keep these Belushis from carting you off.
2.09sThe least you could do is be ashamed of your gender.
2.4sUgh. What's the deal with this place?
1.7sWhy is it such a sausage planet,
2.26sand how did such backward idiots invent robots?
1.59sObviously, at some point,
3.89sthe Gazorpians became so evolved that they replaced females with birthing machines.
4.1sThe resultant lack of distraction and hen-pecking allowed them to focus entirely on war,
1.93sso they bombed themselves back to the stone age,
3.37sand now they just fight with each other over fake pussy with sticks and rocks all day long.
2.13sYou think it's efficient to get rid of women?
1.99sYou ever see a line for the men's room?
1.7sAre you hear-- do you li-- do you hear me, Summer?
3.06sDroppin' loads.
3.06sALL: Droppin' loads! Droppin' loads.
4.27sThe plot thickens.
2.09sUh, you might want to cover your eyes, Summer.
2.09sYeah, like it was my dream to watch.
1.02sYeah, baby!