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1.63sYour planet just got cellphones,
2.03sand the coverage still sucks!
2.03sRICK: Yeah, yeah, and your species eat sulfur.
1.76sSo, let's say 60 smidgens.
1.63sI tell you what -- I'll do you a favor.
1.52sI'll throw in a fart.
3.77sHey, uh, Rick, um, you think maybe I could get something from this place,
1.76slike a souvenir, like, just to have --
1.66slike, something cool, you know?
1.49sNot here, Marty, We'll stop somewhere else.
2.23sBecause, you know, there's always another pawn shop.
1.93sMORTY: Oh, okay. ljust, um --
3.4syou know, I thought that robot over there looked pretty cool, you know?
2.43sOh, it looks cool, huh? That's why you want it?
1.52sYeah! You know, I mean...
1.63sit's different from the stuff on Earth,
3.49sand, you know, you take me to all these crazy places across the galaxy,
1.93sand, you know, I don't really have anything to --
1.9sto remember all those trips by,
1.93sIt'd be kind of cool, like a souvenir.
3.07sYou know, like, what if you passed away or died or something?
3.5sI wouldn't even have anything to remember all the cool stuff we did, you know?
1.93sOkay. 60 for the resonator,