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1.7sWell, I can't solve the problem my way,
1.93sthanks to your family's primitive biological hang-ups.
2.26sGross. I might havejust touched one of Morty's loads.
2.26sBut maybe I can find suitable parents for Marty Jr,
3.73son this robot's home world, which is...
1.93sGazcorpazcorp in the Andromeda system.
2.94sScoot, Summer. Don't you need a new companion
1.97snow that Morty's in the family way?
2.16sI don't do adventures with chicks, Summer.
4.44sOh, right -- because there's something about having a Wiener that would make me better at walking through a hole?
2.21sOh, crap.
1.9sGrandpa Rick! Ugh!
2.43sHelp! Help! Aah! Aah!
0.02sGrandpa Rick!
3.18sStill think it's a good idea to go through holes without a wiener?
0.05sI want to go home.
2.35sYeah, no duh.
4.33sGreat. Now l have to take over a whole planet because of your stupid boobs.
0.05sYou're doing great, Marty,
2.71sReally? You think?
1.76sI mean, I'm not doing much of anything.
1.26sWhat do I do if it cries?