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2.63sAnd it was born on American soil, which entitles it to --
1.93sJerry, majoring in Civics was your mistake.
1.37sDon't punish us for it.
2.76sI'm gonna take this thing to my workshop and investigate.
1.93sDo not let that thing out of your sight.
2.94sIt looks harmless now, but it could grow dangerous.
1.93sLike The Insane Clown Passe,
1.9sYeah. Good one, Jerry.
2.53s2003 just called. It wants its easy target back.
2.09sOhh. He's like a little me!
3.03sY-You don't think he'll turn into a monster... do you?
1.52sThey always do.
2.3sHey, uh, 1995 called!
3.3sThey want their "certain year called wanting its 'blank' back" formula back!
1.97sWhy, Jerry? Why expend the effort?
2.2sLife is effort, and I'll stop when I die!
1.8s- Out. - Whatcha doin'?
1.7sWell, I can't solve the problem my way,
1.93sthanks to your family's primitive biological hang-ups.
2.26sGross. I might havejust touched one of Morty's loads.
2.26sBut maybe I can find suitable parents for Marty Jr,
3.73son this robot's home world, which is...
1.93sGazcorpazcorp in the Andromeda system.
2.94sScoot, Summer. Don't you need a new companion