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1.3sAll right. All right, seriously, though,
1.16slet me grab this thing.
1.83sCome on, you-, rascal.
0.02sOkay, unacceptable! Oh,
2.98sWhat is going on?
1.76sAll right. Uh-oh.
1.9s"Uh-oh"? What is that?!
4.27sHmm. I think Morty's robot was designed for more than long weekends.
2.03sGenetic compiler, incubation chamber.
1.83sYep. This here's some kind of baby maker,
1.63sand that there's half Marty, half --
1.93swho -- who knows wh-what?
1.99sIt's my bad, guys. I'll -- I'll take care of it.
1.59s- Grandpa Rick, no, no! - Whoa, whoa, whoa!
1.59sWhat do you think you're doing?!
3.46sHey, listen -- you guys quarantined the house when Summer brought olives back from Mexico.
2.06sI mean, this thing could grow to the size of Delaware.
2.4sI mean, it might eat brains and exhale space AIDS.
1.76sWe gotta be careful.
1.93sI lost the chance to be careful, Rick.
1.26sI'm a father now!
1.8sYou know, it's time for me to be responsible.
1.76sIsn't that right... Don't name it.
1.93s- ...Morty Jr.? - Oh, crap. He named it.
1.93sWell, Dad, it's a living thing, and it's half human.
2.63sAnd it was born on American soil, which entitles it to --
1.93sJerry, majoring in Civics was your mistake.