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2.23sUm, Rick, could you come with me, please --
3.94sOkay, now if we hear squeaking, we intervene.
1.76sWhere's the sex robot, Marty?
2.13sThat is Gwendolyn -- l-l mean, the robot!
2.47sShe started beeping, transformed and tried to fly away!
1.59sStrange -- that's usually the man's job.
1.59sYou know what I'm talking about, Marty?
1.59sThat's my catchphrase, remember?
2.63sRemember -- remember how I -- how I cemented that catchphrase?
1.3sAll right. All right, seriously, though,
1.16slet me grab this thing.
1.83sCome on, you-, rascal.
0.02sOkay, unacceptable! Oh,
2.98sWhat is going on?
1.76sAll right. Uh-oh.
1.9s"Uh-oh"? What is that?!
4.27sHmm. I think Morty's robot was designed for more than long weekends.