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4.2sRICK: Look, I'm not paying 70 smidgens for a broken defraculator.
3.13sThat is multiphase quantum resonator.
0.02sWell, does it defraculate?
1.75sFuck no.
1.93sThen -- then -- then it's a broken defraculator.
1.93sLike you would even know dick about fraculation!
1.63sYour planet just got cellphones,
2.03sand the coverage still sucks!
2.03sRICK: Yeah, yeah, and your species eat sulfur.
1.76sSo, let's say 60 smidgens.
1.63sI tell you what -- I'll do you a favor.
1.52sI'll throw in a fart.
3.77sHey, uh, Rick, um, you think maybe I could get something from this place,
1.76slike a souvenir, like, just to have --
1.66slike, something cool, you know?