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1.16sMortimer Smith, Jr.,
1.52sNew York Times bestselling author,
1.93syour book is about innocence, the definition of it,
1.93sand, inevitably, its impossibility.
1.76sIs it autobiographical?
2.83sI mean, all writing is, in my opinion.
2.9sBut my, uh --
5.2sMy father kept me locked in the house until I was a teenager.
4.86sAnd there was violence and, uh, threats of poison gas --
1.63sbut also dancing.
3.47sBut you persevered and created this masterpiece from your suffering.
2.59sSmith Jr/s mind-bending novel, "My Horrible Father,"
1.87sin every store and on everyone's mind.
1.73sPick it up. We ii be right back.
1.52sIt's a thankless job, Marty,
1.09sYou did the best you could.
2.4sI hope he's eating enough.
1.43sDid you get any ofthat?
1.97sIt's a good-a show!