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0.81sHe's my son!
3.77sAnd if you hurt him, you'll have to kill me, Rick!
2.59sDad, I'm so confused!
2.63sI know, Marty Jr, I'm sorry.
3.76sI ended up lying to you and yelling at you just like my parents did to me.
2.33sYou know, parents are just kids having kids.
2.59sOne minute, you like how a shiny robot looks.
4.03sThe next minute, you're in a fist fight with your alien son.
1.43sI'm an alien?
1.93sWe all have bad impulses, bad thoughts.
3.43sWe just have to learn to channel them into something constructive.
2.53sBut I want to murder everyone I see.
3.43sWell, you know, I mean, maybe there's a job out there for people that feel that way.
1.43sMAN: Actually, there is.
4.06sHi. I'm Brad Anderson, creator of the nationally syndicated comic strip "Marmaduke."
1.93sYou should consider being a creative.
5.23sI'm haunted by uncontrollable thoughts of mutilation and sexual assault on a near daily basis.
2.53sBut, you know, I channel it all into my work.
1.63s- Oh, Wow. - Huh.