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0.58sRun, Dad!
2.35sWe'll be safe in here. That was too close.
1.94sMaybe it's time to quit the game. Amateurs!
2.14sHuh? Dad?
2.67sThat's right.
0.65sYou don't smoke a pipe.
4.82sThat's right.
0.5sHow'd you get wise to us?
2.24sAre you kiddin'?
2.58sThey used to call me Grifty McGrift.
2.37sI wrote the book on flimflammin'.
2.72sWow! He did!
4.05sYeah. In the Depression, you had to grift. Either that or work.
0.38sSo what's the pitch, old man?
2.62sTeam up with me, boys,
3.22sand we'll go for the biggest honey pot of 'em all!
3.19sOh, my God!
2.6sI don't know. Fleecin' old people?
4.74sOh, why not? If we don't take their money, they'll just give it to some televangelist.
2.85sLet's dust a few fossils.