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3.65sWell, look at that. But who called the police?
3.5sWe did. After we got Maggie to a safe house, of course.
3.67sHmm. She hasn't touched her Manwich.
2.25sYou cannot do this to Willie!
2.05sI'm innocent, I tell ya!
3.09sThey always say they're innocent. It's such a turnoff.
2.4sDad, Willie got arrested 'cause of us!
3.72sOf course he did, Son. He's a filthy crook. Now let's all hit the hay.
2.2sIt's 10:00 in the morning.
2.55sI guess you haven't heard of chloroform.
4.74sWill you tell the court your whereabouts at the time of the carjacking?
2.67sI was alone in me Unabomber-style shack.
2.22sI had nothing to do with that carjacking.
4.4sCarjacking? Who said anything about a carjacking?
1.74sBut didn't ya just say--
0.66sI'll ask the questions here, Carjacker Willie!