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1.37sWhat are we gonna do now, buddy?
2.55sAdmiral Ozzel came out of light speed too quickly.
3.7s(CHUCKLING) Yeah. I had that problem with a chick the other night.
4.05sOkay, gross. I'm gonna turn around and take care of this other guy.
2.85sLord Vader, we're out of light speed and...
4.17s(CHOKING) You have failed me for the last time, Admiral.
2.28sDidn't know I could choke you through the TV, did you?
3.52sWell, I can. Captain Piett, you're in charge now.
3.17sDon't fail me, Admiral Piett.
2.13sA promotion? Really?
2.34sCan I get business cards that say "Admiral"?
2.73sThat's not in the budget. You know, we're trying to catch Rebels here.
2.54sI don't even have business cards. None of us do.
0.46sDo you have business cards?
2.23sYou have business cards? You're a stormtrooper.
2.6sThere's like a million of you. What do you need business cards for?
1.3sWell, they're for my cookie business.