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2.47sSet your course for the Hoth system.
2sHey, take care of yourself, Chewie.
1.07sWhoa! Whoa! Whoa!
1.74sWhat's this handshake business, huh?
3.44sCome here. Come on. Come on, bring it in. Come on. Come on.
1.6sI'm not really a hug person.
2.72sKnock it off. Come here. Come on, bring it.
2.34sYeah, yeah. Hug it out, bitch.
1.97sHug it out, yeah. Spray that hug all over me.
1.2sWhat's wrong with you?
4.34sWhat? I just wanna share my throbbing emotions and shoot hot hug all over you.
1.57sI don't get why that's a problem.
2.55sHey, Luke. Take care of yourself, okay?
1.52sYou, too.
1.6sHey, what'd you end up doing with that dog we kidnapped?
1.62sI killed it and ate it!
1.25sYeah! Yeah! Yeah!
1.87sRebels! Rebels! Rebels!