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2.3sOh, really? "We" or "I"?
1.57sWhat do you mean?
2.04sYou don't want me to leave because of the way you feel about me.
2.7sI bet you're afraid I'm gonna leave without giving you a goodbye kiss.
2.5sUgh! I'd rather kiss George Takei.
1.5sMan, it's cold in here.
3.04sI like all these electrical wires just nailed to the ice.
2.13sThat's probably pretty safe, right?
1.78sCaptain Solo, have you seen Master Luke?
1.3s'Cause no one knows where he is.
2sWhat? Well, that doesn't sound good.
2.52sAll right, I'm gonna go out and look for him. I'll take my Don Don.
3.44sWell, I can't go outside. It's cold out there.
2.69sYou can't go out there in this weather. Your Don Don will freeze.
1.37sThen I'll see you in hell!
1.4sSOLDIER: Wait, Han. You'll need this.