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1.3sWell, I'll have to take your word for it.
1.6sI don't watch Comedy Central.
2.27sIt's on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, Dad.
1.23sI'm pretty sure you know that.
1.97sI don't know that.
1.9sI haven't seen that show in a while and I don't know that anyone else has.
1.54sI think plenty of people have.
1.47sTheir fans are pretty loyal to them.
1.8sOh, yeah? All 42 of them?
2.4s(SIGHS) I'm not gonna let you get to me this time, Dad.
1.4sI'm not gonna let you get to me.
1.97sWell, maybe I got time for another story then.
1.27sIt's called Without A Paddle.
1.77sFuck you, Dad!