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1.4sMAN: Hey, a hand.
1.9sThere is no escape.
3.29sDon't make me destroy you. Join me, Luke.
2.2sI'll never join you.
3.19sObi-Wan never told you what happened to your father.
1.83sHe told me you killed him.
1.82sNo, I... Hang on.
1.2sSpoiler alert.
3.44sOkay. No, I am your father.
4.37sWell, that's fine, but I don't see how that affects... What?
5.07sJoin me and we can rule the galaxy as father and son! You know?
2.7sI mean, it doesn't have to be as father and son, it can just be as,
2.97syou know, as two really close guys who just happen to be men, you know?
3.24sJust two good-looking guys sharing a cramped office,