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2.8sHey, you guys, I hate to do this to you, but I gotta get out of here.
2.6sHey, what's that on your jacket? Is that the Purina logo?
1.7s- No, it's just a patch. - I like it.
1.37s- Thank you. - I lied. It's lame.
2.54sI won't miss you.
2.92sHan, wait. I thought you said you were gonna stay.
2.23sSorry, I can't. But I'll give you my email address.
2.07sComp... Yes, CompuServe.
1.45sBut you can't leave now.
1.43sYou're a natural leader and we...
3.34sHey. Did you guys order some ice?
2.2s'Cause I got a bag of ice here.
2.33sThought you might need some ice.
3.17sYes, there is a lot of ice around here. We get it.