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1.73sWait, wait, wait. Luke, that's a stupid idea.
1.67sYou're not done with all your Force stuff.
1.9sAnd besides, you can't fight Vader.
2.54sOnly an experienced Jedi could fight Vader.
2.45sWell, why don't you go?
2.23sYeah, you're probably ready to fight Vader.
3.1sThat boy was our last hope.
2.99sNo, there is another.
2.94sI know. I have the Force, too, you know.
5.19sI don't have a landing permit. I'm trying to reach Lando Calrissian.
1.62sWhat the hell's he firing at me for?
1.22sI told you not to shoot.
1.17sWell, you're not in charge. I am.
1.23sWell, I'm steering. No, I'm steering.