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2.29sThis is insane, Han! They're gonna find us here.
1.05sYeah, and even if they don't,
1.83swhere are we gonna hide out after this?
1.43sHey, what about Lando?
1.5sThe Lando system?
2.34sLando's not a system. He's a black guy.
2.4sIn fact, I think he might be the only black guy in the galaxy.
1.6s(CHUCKLES) Let's hope, right?
1.52sALL: Whoa!
3.1s(CLANKING) All right, the fleet's breaking up.
4.05sChewie, get ready to release the landing claw and we'll float away with their garbage. Release!
2.17sLook at that. Space bums.