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3.74sMAN ON TV: We now return to Aaron Sorkin's new show, The Kitchen.
1.6sWhere's the milk? No milk? We're out. No.
1.3sWalk with me. I want you to get some milk.
1.58sWhere? Now? At the store. Right now.
1.58sAny store? Bloomie's? Any store. Is that a joke?
1.1sWhat do you think? I think we need milk.
1.37sI think you're right.
1.23sYou know, I never get tired of hearing that.
1.4sShould I go get the milk? Go get the milk.
3.05s(ALL GROANING) Looks like the power's out again.
2.67sWhat, are we in Iraq? This happens entirely too often.
2.17sCan we tell stories till it comes back on?
3.8sYeah, Dad. Remember the last time you told us the story of Star Wars?
1.47sMaybe you could tell us another one.
1.37sWell, all right.
2.4sThis is the story of Black Snake Moan.
3.7sOnce upon a time, Christina Ricci was all tied up for some reason...
1.87sI'm already bored and confused.
4.19sYeah, Dad. Isn't there another story like Star Wars you could tell us?
3.5sThere just might be, Chris. There just might be.