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1.37sAll right. Let's take a break.
1.33sYour back's getting all sweaty.
1.9sSorry. Does that.
2sAll right. Now, let's go over what we've learned.
1.13sNaked chicks. Best?
1.8sRebecca De Mornay in Risky Business.
1.03sGood. Worst?
1.74sKathy Bates in About Schmidt.
3.07sCorrect. I also would've accepted the rotting old woman in The Shining,
2.94sbut Kathy Bates is probably worse. Best scene in Teen Wolf?
1.5sWhen Michael J. Fox is in the bathroom,
6.44sturning into a werewolf for the first time and his dad's knocking on the door and he is freaking out and he opens the door and his dad's a werewolf, too.
2.1sGold star.
1.54sI would've also accepted the scene at the end, at the basketball game,
2swhere the guy in the crowd has his dick out.
1.63sWhat? Yeah, there's a guy at the end.
2.73sGo online. Look it up. He's in the stands, way in the background,
3.04sand he's totally got his dick out.
3.19sWhat's in there? It feels cold.
3.24sThat place is strong with the dark side.
3.25sBut it's very confusing and it stops the movie dead.
2.4sI'm going in there anyway.