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1.07sOkay. Okay, okay. Sir... Yeah.
1.2sMy apartment need water.
1.23sNo, no. No. He need to get it fixed.
2.8s(STUTTERING) Hello? I can't hear you.
3.54sI'm going to the knee pad. I'm gonna call you from the knee pad.
2.22sWhat is thy bidding, my master?
3.77sHey, I'm downloading all my music to my iPod 'cause I'm getting rid of my CDs.
1sDo you have any desire for
1.23sNatalie Merchant's Tigerlily?
1.07sAlanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill?
1.7sYou sure? This thing was unstoppable.
2.54sThis was the soundtrack to my '95.
2.35sTo my '95 and my '96, actually.
0.88sNo, thank you.
0.93sRichard Marx, Hold On To The Night?
1.73s(STUTTERING) I mean... Yeah, no...
2.05sI mean, if you're giving stuff away, yeah, sure.
1.77sAll right, listen.
2.34sIt turns out Anakin Skywalker's son is still alive.
2.33sI'm gonna need you to find him and turn him.