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3.07sLook, this isn't Windex but it's just as good. It's the store brand.
2.47sNo. No. It leave a film.
1.7sI'm okay with the film. Just use it.
3.1sNo. No. I no can clean.
3s(CELL PHONE RINGING) Hello? Mr. Darth Vader...
3.3sYes, sir. Quiet, quiet. It's the Emperor.
1.03sIt's the Emperor.
1.6sTell him I no can do Friday.
1.07sOkay. Okay, okay. Sir... Yeah.
1.2sMy apartment need water.
1.23sNo, no. No. He need to get it fixed.
2.8s(STUTTERING) Hello? I can't hear you.
3.54sI'm going to the knee pad. I'm gonna call you from the knee pad.
2.22sWhat is thy bidding, my master?
3.77sHey, I'm downloading all my music to my iPod 'cause I'm getting rid of my CDs.
1sDo you have any desire for