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2.13sWell, that's all part of mastering the Force, man.
2.94sIt starts with checking out sweet-ass DVD releases,
2.84slike Iron Man, directed by Jon Favreau.
6.04sYeah, he puts himself in his own movies, but you don't mind 'cause he seems like the kind of guy who'd help you move if you asked him.
2.37sI'm glad you're here. Look, I pulled this all apart,
1.93sand it looks like you're gonna need a new condenser.
1.27sReally? A new condenser?
3.87sYeah, and I would also highly recommend a complete flush of your photon conversion system.
1.5sI swear I just did that.
4.57sOkay, well, how about this? Do you want me to just go ahead and do that while I'm replacing the new condenser?
2.87sI think I'd like to call my husband.
1.23sLook, how about this?