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2.09sArtoo, are you okay?
3.97sI think so. Boy, who knows what else is in this swamp?
1.87sSUPER FRIENDS ANNOUNCER: Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom!
1.65sNot now! Okay.
2.18sHey, who the hell are you?
2.17sWhat the hell is that creepy little thing?
1.88sWell, I'm not Yoda.
1.2sOkay, I'm Yoda.
1.53sYou're Yoda?
2.64sYou're the one that Obi-Wan sent me here to find.
2.22sWill you teach me the ways of the Force?
2.99sNo, I will not teach you the ways of the Force.
2.32sOkay, I'll teach you the ways of the Force.
3.47sBut if you want to become a Jedi, first I gotta ask you something.
1.23sDid you see Van Wilder?
1.83sYeah, I saw it on Comedy Central.
4.2sNo! No, no, no, no, no! We got a lot of training to do.
5.2sI'm asking, did you see the DVD frat house edition with all the uncensored footage and the interview with Ryan Reynolds?
2.13sWell, that's all part of mastering the Force, man.