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1.47sHan, look!
2.67sCrap, there's two more of them dead ahead.
2.09sIt's all right, I think I can outmaneuver them.
3.39sJOHN BUNNELL: This Rebel lawbreaker thinks he can outrun the Empire.
3.57sThe pursuing officers realize he's entered a residential area.
3.67sThey give him a wide berth, but they don't let him out of their sight.
4.54sAstonishingly, the driver makes a left, right into an asteroid field.
3.59sWhat are you doing? You're not actually going into an asteroid field.
2.85sWell, it's either that or go into the strawberry fields.
2.57sHey, you know what I'm getting into? Is one-legged chicks.
2.4sYeah, Paul, what's your new wife's name? Peg?
1.37sThat'll be enough of that, lad.
1.03sHow about Eileen?
1.57sRingo got it.