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2sYou read my mind.
2.1sthis coffee's good, huh?
2.2sYeah. The, uh--
2.13sThe milk really takes the edge off.
2.03sYou know, I think our marriage is--
2.02sI got it!
0.6sNo, I got it.
1sNo, I do.
2.74sYour baby is dead.
3.02sThat's what you'd hear if your baby fell victim...
3.7sto the thousands of death traps lurking in the average American home.
3.67s"Springfield Baby-Proofing"?
1.87sYou-- You really scared us.
2.87sSorry about that. But the truth is,
2.28syour baby, Maggie Simpson, is dead!
4.17sDead tired of baby-proofers who don't provide a free estimate.