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6.31s(WHIMPERING) Albert Einstein, Lorne Michaels? Shari Lewis? Lamb Chop!
2.48sWhy ain't I here? I'm a bigger name than...
4sChaim Potok! What is he? Some kind of Klingon?
1.8sI'm gonna get to the bottom of this.
2.7sWell, of course you deserve a star, Krusty.
1.9sLet me just ask you a few questions.
1.17sFull name?
1.98sHerschel Pinchas Yoracham Krustofski.
2.23sGood, good. Circumcision?
0.42sAnd then some!
3.02s(CHUCKLES) Date of Bar Mitzvah?
3.7sWell, I, uh... You see, the truth is...
1.33sI never had one.
1.52sNo Bar Mitzvah?
2.9sIn the eyes of God and the Springfield Jewish Walk of Fame Committee,
2.02syou are not a Jewish man!
4.27sNow see here! Do you know how much I donate to the B'nai B'rith?
1.42sActually, I do.