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3.74s- Works for me when I get bubbly gum in the old push broom. - That sounds okay.
3.04sAaah! Aaah!
2.4s- Stop! Stop! - Hmm.
2.8sI seem to have mashed more hair into it. Oh, well.
4sIce cubes are useless, man. Chewing gum's got to be chewed out.
2.5sDoes the whole town have to hear about this?
2.94sArr! Have ye tried a Baltic squid?
3.14sThey can suck the bolts out of a submarine's hull.
4.84sAll right! Fangoria will give me 25 bucks for this shot.
3.74sI can give you the name of a good gum and hair man.
3.77sI have a word of advice. Don't try to dig gum out with a bone.
2.04sIt just makes things worse.
3.47sLeave it in as evidence. Bazooka joe's got deep pockets.
4.17sPerhaps I can help. My papa is foreman of the DÜsseldorf Gum Works.