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2.5sAnd scuff up the topless dancin' runway?
3.97s- Nah. You best bring 'em back where from you got 'em. - Okay.
2.13sBack you go...
3.54sto waits for a woman of less discriminatin' tastes.
3.84sMost folk'll never lose a toe and then again, Some folk'll
4.3sLike Cletus the Slack-jawed Yokel
1.93sHey. You know what?
3.07sI could call my ma while I'm up here.
3.6sHey, Ma! Get off the dang roof!
2sYes. And one with extra cheese.
2.87s- Thank you. - C-Can I use your bathroom?
2.87sNo. You may not. The bathroom is for paying customers only.
0.55sIf you purchase an item, you may use the bathroom.
2.5sUm, how about that?
3.3sThat is a rare photo of sean Connery signed by Roger Moore.
3.67s- It is worth $150. - What can I get for 75 cents?