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3.8sLois, let me explain something to you, all right? Cripples are not cool.
1.37sHang on. I'm gonna get the picture.
0.93sOh, Peter, don't...
3.24s(TALKING GIBBERISH) What do you see here, Lois?
1.67s- Do we have to... - What do you see?
2.7s(SIGHS) A picture of Mark Harmon.
1.7sA picture of Mark Harmon,
2.24sthe greatest actor who ever lived.
1.67sDo you see a wheelchair under Mark Harmon?
4.71sPeter... Lois, do you see a wheelchair
1.9sunder Mark Harmon?
1.7s- No. - No, you do not,
2sbecause Mark Harmon is cool.
3.44sAnd I know what you're thinking. "Peter, this is just like your Gil Gerard speech."
2.67sAnd you can stop right in your tracks, because it is not.
2.44sGranted, it is similar to the Gil Gerard speech, but it...
2.37sPeter, I like our restaurant the way it is,
2.74sand if you don't, that's your problem.
2.17sFine, then, I'll deal with this myself.
4.2sAll right, here they come.
2.2sHey, Peter, we're here for dinner.
2.77sOh, no, you're not, Joe. We have a new policy.