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3.54sUh... Lois, aren't you a little freaked out by this?
2.27sWhy? Everybody's having a great time.
2.23sBesides, think of the money we're making.
1.74sI don't care about that.
3.17sI wanted a cool restaurant, not the cafeteria at the veterans' hospital.
2.64sThis is weirder than that rap video by M.C. Escher.
1.83sGoing up the stairs and going down the stairs
2.04sAnd going up the stairs and going down the stairs
2.27sAnd going up the sideways stairs
3.3sAnd in local news, a new restaurant is taking Quahog by storm.
1.67sThat's right, Diane.
3.37sIf you're handicapped, or know someone who's handicapped or just happen to be a fan of the circus,
2.3sthen come on down to Big Pete's House of Munch,
2.44swhere the elite without feet meet to eat.
2.87sLois, this is insanity. I think we should shut down the restaurant.