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2.77sWhat if we made your place our new spot?
1.73sJoe, that's a great idea.
2.2sFantastic. We'll see you tonight.
1.3sThis is awesome.
3sBunch of cops in uniform hanging out in my restaurant?
4.27sThis is going to be cooler than that time Ben Stiller taught me how to be myself.
2.64sBut how can you leave me now, Ben Stiller,
1.7swhen I need you more than ever?
2.84sI've taught you everything you need to know, Peter.
2.3sNow, it's time for me to go help another child.
4.04sI guess I just fooled myself into thinking you'd always be with me.
3.6sI will, Peter. I will always be with you.
2.27sHis movies are terrible.
1.4sLois, roll out the red carpet.
1.7sHere comes Joe and his cop buddies.
2sYou got tables for 30?