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1.67sYou guys, I have some bad news.
1.5sI just finished going over the books,
2.17sand this restaurant is hemorrhaging money.
2.17sWhat? Well, how is that possible?
1.03sIsn't it obvious?
1.43sWe're not getting enough customers.
2.27sThis place is like a ghost town half the time.
1.97sYeah, maybe somebody should have asked me.
3.5sAfter all, I'm the only one in this family with any business experience.
4sAll right, Violet and Pigpen, you've been seeing each other a few weeks now. What seems to be the problem?
2.94sI keep getting bladder infections, and I don't know why.
2.7sReally? You don't know why?
1.23sI don't know what to do, guys.
2.2sThe House of Munch is going down the tubes.
2.77sMaybe you need to do a little advertising, Peter.
1.5sWell, I tried.
2.97sI even hired M. Night Shyamalan to direct my TV commercial.
2.87sI have a secret to tell you. What is it?
5.34sCome closer. I see good food at competitive prices.