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1.93sI sort of misunderstood what you were asking for.
1.6sThat's why I rushed over, but...
2.8s(STAMMERING) It's fine. It's fine. Whatever. I'm happy to help.
1.57sWhat the hell is this?
1.73sPeter, I've had it with all your shocking.
3.24sAnd since you won't get rid of those pajamas, I'm getting rid of the carpets.
1.9sHey, Lois, you want me to leave a little strip in this thing?
2.84sMaybe a lightning bolt, unicorn, something like that?
1.8sNo. I want it all gone, Glenn.
2.7sAll right, we're going Brazilian.
2.84sHey, what's this? Some kind of really old coin.
1.47sLet me see that.
1.53sWait a minute, do you know what this is?
2.4sThis is an 18th-century Rhode Island ship token.
2.17sThis thing's got to be worth 50 grand.
2.1s50 grand? Oh, my God!
2.77sI can finally afford that operation to swap my vocal cords with Patrick Stewart.
3.2s(IN PATRICK STEWART'S VOICE) Hey, Lois. Sorry about the mess in the upstairs bathroom this morning.
2.8sMy post-sex pee stream forked in half last night and got everywhere.
2.87sPeter, you've been sleeping with that money for the past week.