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4.07sYes, I am, Lois, but where?
2.94sPeter, if you shock me, I swear to God I'm leaving you.
3.9sYou'll have to find me first, Lois. Where could I be?
3.07sWell, there's a Quonset hut that I've never seen in this room before.
2.37sI got to figure you're in there. How do you know, Lois?
3.07sI could be in that New York style magazine kiosk.
2.24sPeter, this all looks very expensive.
4.24sYes, you might say it was shockingly expensive.
1.63sI'm going to try the Quonset hut.
2.27s(SCREAMS) (LAUGHING) I was in the bathroom.
3.34sThe hut and the kiosk, decoys, Lois, decoys!
3.3sGlenn, thank you so much for helping me tear up my carpet.
2.57sWell, you know, Lois, I got to confess, when you called me,
1.93sI sort of misunderstood what you were asking for.
1.6sThat's why I rushed over, but...